Top Ten Crypto Exchanges For Trading And For Free Coins

Here Are World Best and Leading Exchanges Where You Must Create Account And Do KYC

These are top 10 best exchanges everyone must have accounts in these exchanges these are best for trading as well as you will get lot of free tokens as airdrops time by time so don't miss must create accounts now

If You Are a Trader Must Create Accounts In These Exchange If Possible Must Do KYC

1 Bitforex Crypto Exchange  
Bitforex is also on of the top 10 Exchange in Coinmarketcap with over 500,000,000 USD volume per 24 hours and you can also earn free tokens with airdrops
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2 IDAX Exchange KYC Must
Idax is one top 10 Exchange in CoinMarketCap its best for trading and also you can get lot of free coin tokens as activity events  ( You can earn lot of free tokens from Airdrops ) ( KYC is Must )
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2 P2PB2B Exchange KYC Must
P2PB2B is also leading Exchange with over 600,000,000 USD volume join for trading Do KYC after KYC you can get free airdrop tokens and coins as well at the moment 2 Airdrop is live only KYC pass members can get Free Tokens
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3 BINANCE  Crypto Exchange 
Binance gersey is also Binance second  Exchange its also one of best and well known Exchange of CoinMarketCap its best for Trading if you create account in binance refer friends you will get 80% commission
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4 BINANCE  Crypto Exchange 
Now a days everyone knows about Binance Exchange its also one of best and well known Exchange of CoinMarketCap its best for Trading if you create account in binance refer friends you will get 40% commission
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5 Lbank Crypto  Exchange

Lbank the world class digital Crypto Exchange and one of the top 5 crypto exchange in CoinMarketCap with over 1 billion plus ( 1000,000,000 ) USD daily volume must create account and check time by time for free airdrops
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7 Digifinex Crypto Exchange  
Digifinex is one top 5 crypto Exchange in coinmarketcap with over 1 billion 1000,000,000+ USD trading volume everyone should create account for trading and you can also get best earning events in his exchange
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8 Coinbene Crypto Exchange

Coinbene is one of top 10 crypto exchange in coinmarketcap with 800,000,000 USD+ daily volume and its also partnered with John McAfee Alliance and                                           Supported by John McAfee
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9 Efin Decentralized Exchange

Efin is a Decentralized exchange which is build in partnership with TokenPay and Litecoin foundation it will be biggest decentralized Exchange in upcoming days create account now and get 1000 Efin coins as well
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10 Coinexchange Crypto Exchange

CoinExchange is one of old exchange with most coinmarketcap listed coins and token so if you are a trader must create account in Coinexchange crypto Exchange
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10 Bitmart Crypto Exchange 

Bitmart is world leading Crypto Exchange and one of top 5 crypto Exchange in CoinMarketcap with over 700,000,000+ USD daily volume Join and Win BMX Coins, at moment new member can get 30 BMX coin.
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